About Tre Kronor

Tre Kronor Försäkring is a general insurance company with broad expertise in the non-life insurance sector. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Folksam. Tre Kronor conducts general insurance activities in Sweden, offering non-life insurance to companies and organisations which sell and market insurance under their own proprietary names.
Claims handling is done nationwide and the head office is located in Stockholm. Customer satisfaction in claims handling, which is always performed in Tre Kronor’s name, is continuously measured, and the results of these measurements are very positive.
Tre Kronor Försäkring offers property insurance, personal insurance and company insurance, which are sold by Swedbank and Sparbankerna. The products are sold under Swedbank’s and Sparbankernas’ proprietary names through various distribution channels within each bank. The insurance products are well affordable and of high quality, supplementing the bank’s other products offered to customers.
Property insurance sold to private persons includes home insurance, house insurance, holiday home insurance as well as car insurance. Here coverage is available in two levels, Basic and Plus. Basic means normal insurance without any supplementary insurance, whereas Plus insurance includes supplementary insurance, such as all-risk, extended travel protection ‘Resklar’,  rental car insurance, roadside assistance  insurance as well as a number of other product benefits  as compared with the business sector in general. The bank also sells company insurance to companies with up to five full-time employees and annual sales not exceeding 10 million. Additionally, personal risk insurance was launched a few years ago in the form of health and accident insurance for children, as well as pregnancy insurance, accident insurance for adults, accident insurance for company owners, and unemployment insurance.  
All products are sold under the bank’s proprietary name by the bank’s office, by telephone or online. To find out more about the insurance options or to purchase insurance please contact Swedbank or Sparbankerna: 
Telephone banking 0771-22 11 23
Tre Kronor is a general insurance company which provides claims handling service. The responsible supervisory authority is the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. 


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Loss involving an emergency situation -
please call our 24-Hour Claim Reporting Service:
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If you are abroad call:
+46 70 10 50 50

You can report a claim by calling us, or else you can file a claim online in a matter of minutes. The inquiry form is in Swedish. We will contact you as soon as possible in order to verify the information, ask questions, explain coverage and process the claim.

Here are a few things you will need to have close by when you are reporting your claim:
• Policyholder's Number
• Information about the property involved
• Details about the loss

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