Tre Kronor Försäkring

Tre Kronor Försäkring (AB) is an subsidiary of Folksam with wide insurance competence in Sweden. We are an insurance provider for Swedbank and the savings banks who are selling and marketing insurances under their own trademark.

Cooperation with Swedbank and the savings banks

We work together with Swedbank and 59 independent savings banks who are insurance distributors of our property & casualty insurances, personal insurances and company insurances. We are responsible for all claims handling of insurances distributed by Swedbank and the savings banks. Our most important task is to take care of you if something happens and to provide you with the best possible service.

Our insurance products

Insurance products available for private customers include insurances for apartments, houses, cottages and car insurances for different car types. We also offer personal risk insurances such as illness and accident insurance for children and adults, pregnancy insurance and unemployment insurance. Insurance products available for companies are company insurances for smaller companies and car insurances.

Sign an insurance contract

Swedbank and the savings banks are selling insurances via their branch offices, internet bank and by telephone. Visit your bank's website to quickly and conveniently sign up for an insurance, get price information or receive answers to insurance related questions.

Submit an insurance claim

You can submit a claim regarding insurances via Swedbank or the saving banks via your bank website or by telephone.